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Get real sales leads

from people you trust.

Share your network and grow your business with the premier B2B networking community.

Are you good at giving referrals, but you've not had many intros come back to you?

Don’t waste time with groups where the members can’t

open doors for you.


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Imagine a community of B2B Professional Services Providers who have the same dreams for their businesses as you.

The B2BSalesMagic groups:

  • are B2B-focused
  • meet at least once per month virtually ​with opportunities for more ​(depending on level of membership)
  • have vetted members
  • are those who sell in the United States

So that you can grow:

  • your business through referrals
  • both personally and professionally

Enjoy the double benefit of both giving referrals and receiving them!

The B2BSalesMagic referral communities take the time to ​understand YOUR customer.

With the B2BSalesMagic, the referrals you receive are:

  • to the right buyers
  • from people who “get” you
  • producing a consistent, predictable stream of the right introductions

Rather than a free-for-all networking blitz, these meetings are professionally led with a process ​engineered to drive results for members.

We offer 3 membership options to choose from:

Guest, BizDev, and Coaching

Unsure which group is right for you?

Check out our 3-Level Comparison page.

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Chapter 1 meets on the

2nd Monday of each month from 1:30 - 3:30 pm US Central Time.

Chapter 2 meets on the

1st Thursday of each month from 9:00 - 11:00 am US Central Time

try us out!

John Way is hosting Mini Meets for the two B2BSM chapters. The half-hour meetings are for visitors and for members to invite a friend to see what we’re all about. Join a Mini Meet here.

Increase your vision of what you CAN BE in a community focused on your success.

Meet the facilitators

Catherine Brown

Catherine is the founder and CEO of The Good Humans Growth Network™, a family of communities of extraordinary people who create healthy businesses. Catherine Brown is on a mission to empower generosity in others. She fulfills this by serving as an entrepreneur, community facilitator, sales professional, and author.

Catherine founded the How Good Humans Sell® Community to complement her book, How Good Humans Sell: The Proven Path to B2B Sales Success*, in which she combines best sales practices with psychology principles.

Catherine lives in Houston with her family. She enjoys reading, planning her next globetrotting adventure, watching sci-fi, and hosting dinner parties. She has a BA from Rice University and is StoryBrand marketing-trained. Connect with her on LinkedIn. *affiliate link

John Way

Tired of herding cats? John Way is the Founder and Product Owner of, a B2B SaaS platform that helps companies streamline and automate customer-intake processes to eliminate the constant back-and-forth.

John has 20+ years of experience architecting and implementing enterprise systems and processes for both Fortune 100 clients and small businesses. His systems has won numerous industry awards, including the ITSMA, Gold Marketing Excellence Award for sales enablement. His passion is helping people and organizations work smarter and grow faster.

John graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in Computer Science and is Sandler Sales certified. He lives in Dallas with his wife, and they enjoy cooking, relaxing in the backyard, and watching cats on YouTube–because he’s allergic.

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  • What membership details should I know?

Coaching and BizDev Memberships are 12 months at a time. We open the Coaching membership one month per ​quarter- January, April, July, and October. If you pay for the whole year all at once, 2995.00. If you prefer to pay one ​month at a time, 275/mo. 275.00 holds your spot as deposit and is credited to your balance. Our BizDev level costs ​85.00/mo. Billed monthly for 12 months. Our Guest level is free. Details about each level can be found here.


All meetings are via Zoom. Coaching group 1 meets on the 2nd Monday of each month from 1:30-3:30 pm US Central ​Time. Coaching group 2 meets on the 1st Thursday of each month from 9-11 am US Central Time.


We are different in several ways. First, the B2BSalesMagic Community is a closed group. If you are a member of a ​Coaching chapter or our BizDev membership, we complete a background check and have an application process.

Second, our focus is on sales referrals and professional introductions as well as peer ​advisory. We want to make it easier ​to support each other’s business. Third, you can choose which level you want, whether to meet monthly or biweekly. All ​meetings have a professional facilitator to create a value-added experience.

Wait… there’s more!

Because B2BSalesMagic is in the Good Humans Growth Network™ , you’ll also receive more benefits including:

A. Membership in the National Business Development Association.

B. Invitation to bimonthly networking meetings

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No. Policies where there is subtle (or not-so-subtle) pressure to give referrals for the sake of referrals violate my ​conscience and it should bother everyone! I build networking groups to give people a place to be a trusted advisor to ​individuals in their own networks. Part of the beauty and joy of being a trusted advisor to everyone in your network, is ​that people come to know you as a person who makes the right referrals, not just any referrals.

I trust my members to always do the right thing by making the best match that they can imagine in their mind, even if ​that person you refer is not in the group that we're in together.

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A referral network is a community of business owners and senior sales professionals who sell to similar customers who ​open their network to one another, providing sales leads and introductions. Statistics show that referrals are the easiest ​and least expensive way to create new business.

  • 76% of senior management personnel prefer working with suppliers that have been referred to them by someone ​they know.
  • The referred customers have a 37% higher retention rate as compared to those who were not referred. They also ​have an 18% higher rate of becoming long term clients as compared to the non-referred ones.
  • 54% of B2B referrals have a much lower cost when compared to other sources of leads. Statistics from ​

While the above stats mention B2B, we know that referrals are just as important for B2C. Getting referrals from a ​community of like-minded professionals is valuable for any business. Growing your network purposefully through ​regular meetings creates the relationships that grow trust so that quality referrals can be made.

  • How can I become a facilitator of a B2BSM chapter?

B2BSalesMagic chapters each meet virtually and are kept to a membership of no more than 15 so that they remain ​close-knit. Catherine chooses facilitators and opens chapters as there is interest expressed by at least 8 people. Visit ​ if you are interested in being a facilitator.

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Grow with Good Humans

B2BSalesMagic is part of The Good Humans Growth Network™, a family of communities of extraordinary people who create healthy businesses.

Share your network and grow your business with the premier B2B networking community.

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